Club history

Our first ever meeting was held on Monday 27 September 1926 at Dumpers in the High Street and it was agreed unanimously to form a Rotary Club and that a provisional committee be formed. The Provisional Committee met on Tuesday 12 October at 3 The Square and recommended that the standard constitution and by-laws be adopted with the name ‘Winchester and District’. The proposed entrance fee was 10s/6d and annual subscription was £2.

At the Club Meeting of 20 October, the Provisional Committee’s proposals were approved and ‘that the 21 gentlemen proposed be elected to the Club’.

The first General Meeting was held on Monday 15 November 1926 at Dumpers and a President (Stanley Clifton), Vice-President, Secretary and six Council Members were elected.

The club was chartered on 9 May 1927

Founder President
Stanley Clifton

(Also Mayor of Winchester 1921-22)

Earliest projects

1927 The first project was to provide GYMNASIUM FACILITIES for ADOLESCENTS in Winchester. An instructor was appointed and the scheme ran for several seasons.

1928 HOLIDAYS for TIRED MOTHERS was a scheme repeated each year, except during World War 2, until about 1950. A typical year was 1930 when 10 mothers were given a holiday at a total cost of £60.

1936 £850 was raised by a draw for a new Morris Eight car. Tickets cost one shilling and the money was given to the ROYAL HAMPSHIRE COUNTY HOSPITAL APPEAL.

1950 and annually ever since in conjunction with the Inner Wheel Club of Winchester a TEA PARTY for SENIOR CITIZENS. As the 2024 photo with Cllr Angela Clear shows, the tea party is still going strong and is supported each year by the incumbent Mayor.

Over the years we have had a good relationship with the City Mayor. Our founder President Stanley Clifton and the 1954-55 President Stanley Steel were both Mayors of Winchester. Our current membership includes two former city Mayors: Dominic Hiscock and Barry Lipscomb. For several years now, the incumbent Mayor has been an honorary member of Winchester Rotary.

Major donations we’ve made since 2000

2022Almost £84,400 in total, including:
£18,120 to Friends of the family
£7,380 contribution to Rotary Foundation’s Ukraine aid fund
£5,218 to Water Harvest
2021£93,200 in total, including:
£12,100 to Hampshire schools
£12,000 to Great Lakes Peace Centre, Uganda (GLPC)
£8,500 each to Trinity Winchester and Winchester Churches Nightshelter
2020£86,000 in total, including:
£10,000 to Winchester Youth Counselling
£8,000 to Winchester Hospice
£6,000 each to End Polio Now, through Rotary Foundation and GLPC
2019£40,000 to Winchester Hospice
2018£4,500 for building of toilets and a water tank in Rwamlini, Tanzania
£1,800 for building education blocks in South Sudan
£1,001 for Winchester City Mill‘s restoration fund
2017Over £30,000 donated to good casues including: Action on hearing loss, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and Spathar School in Albania
2016£5,000 for Shelterboxes
£4,700 for Winchester District Scouts
£2,000 for PeaceJam
2015£2,000 to Hoogley Eye Hospital
£1,900 to Royal Hampshire County Hospital Radio
£1,895 to Age Concern UK
2014£5,900 for Shelterboxes
£2,916 each to British Heart Foundation and Bowel Cancer UK
£1,500 for Aquaboxes
2013£4,633 to Goalball UK and Winchester Goalball Club
£1,000 for Kelembe flood relief
2012£9,000 shared with Night Shelter, Winchester Live at Home and Street Reach
£4,630 shared between Shelterboxes and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
2011£7,500 shared with Winchester Carers, Winchester Home Start, RHCH League of Friends
2010£23,996 to Help for Heroes from fundraising concert in Winchester Cathedral
£8,156 for Haiti Disaster relief
£7,150 each to Trinity Centre and Night Shelter
£2,000 for End Polio Now
2009£3,000 to Age Concern
£2,000 each to Citizens Advice Bureau and Muscular Dystrophy
£1,900 to Hope and Homes for Children
2008£1,000 each to Burma disaster relief, UK flood relief and Friends of Hyde Abbey Garden
2007£13,205 to Emmaus Hampshire
£990 for Shelterboxes
2006£1,100 to special schools Osborne House, Lanterns, Shepherds Down
2005£7,500 to Water Aid Tamale, Northern Ghana
£6,532 Tsunami appeal with Inner Wheel, Ladies Circle, Round Table and 41 Club
2004£13,000 to Naomi House for their multi- sensory room
2002£920 for Shelterboxes
2001£1,000 to Vision Aid Overseas
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