22 April 2024 – Club and District Awards for three Rotary Youth Competitions

After a few minor ‘hic-ups’, the evening got underway with President Les Haswell making a few announcements before handing over to Maggie Hastie, Youth Team Lead, to introduce the winners and their parent(s)

With Steve Feeney on audio visual and Maggie acting as MC, Maggie first introduced Freddie Reid, (Senior entry), who described how his photograph of London sky scapers, tower cranes and older buildings reflected the ‘Re-building’ of that part of the Capital’s skyline; ‘Re-building’ being the overall title for the different projects.

Marta Mostybrotska’s painting, (Junior category), depicted a heavy-footed athlete running through and disturbing a termite mound with the insects reaching immediately to ‘Re-build’ their home.

Thirdly, Ethan Roux’s five minute interview with a resident of Wye, in Kent, described a Regeneration project, (i.e. ‘Re-building‘) of specific buildings and spaces in the village. Ethan had cleverly combined the interview with shots of Wye to emphasise the project.

Marta’s, Freddie’s and Ethan’s entries are now with RGB&I for the National Finals. We should hear the results in early May.

After each presentation, President Les thanked the winner whilst handing them Club and District Certificates together with prizes in the form of vouchers.

For those who had ordered at the bar, meals were then served to round off the evening.

Although some Rotarians probably had difficulty in hearing the speakers, (apologies), the Youth Team then thanked all who turned up to support the competitors, their parent(s), and the occasion. Thank you.

Rotary believes that competitions and evenings like these prove that it can be a real force in improving the future of young people and perhaps Rotary itself.

These are just three of eight nationwide competitions for young people aged between 7 – 17 years, organised annually by RGB&I and provide a great way for them to be challenged in a fun and friendly environment. Rotary is committed to offering young people opportunities such as these to unlock their potential, develop their skills and broaden their horizons

Ian White

Photos from the evening can be seen here

Ethan Roux, Marta Mostybrotska and Freddie Reid

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