All 5 RCs of Winchester hold 23rd Zoom

Wednesday 18 March 2024 saw the 23rd meeting of the 5 Global Rotary Clubs of Winchester. They are: UK, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia. And they are planning to work together on an international project.

This all started in July 2020 when Richard Spalding became President of Winchester UK in the early stages of the pandemic. He invited the Presidents of the other 4 RCs of Winchester to join a lighthearted zoom chat, entirely for fun. They all did and they then agreed to meet every other month ie all the odd months. The zooms are at noon Eastern Standard Time and latterly on Mondays, for just 1 hour maximum. This has continued, without missing a single meeting, though not all Presidents have managed to make every meeting.

These days Richard acts as the ‘AG’ for the group, arranging and hosting the meetings on a date that suits most. For the final meeting of the Rotary year in May, the PEs are invited. This provides continuity going forwards, and the cycle starts again.

For the latest gathering on 18 March, all 5 Presidents were there. A screenshot was taken of all to mark the occasion, along with their names and State abbreviations showing.

There is rarely a planned agenda. The chat ranges from hearing about projects, fundraising, concerns within the Clubs and anything else at all. The Clubs are all very different, especially in size, with Winchester Virgina having 160 members! We don’t talk politics per se, though we do often have a bit of a laugh at our respective political situations. It’s always fun!

In 2023, whilst Deborah was President, the US Clubs were invited to join with the UK in supporting a project. This was to supply a maternity ambulance to the Great Lakes Peace Centre (GLPC) in Uganda. For this, only Kentucky was able to help out. However, at the latest zoom gathering, the concept was raised again. The hope is that all 5 Clubs can join together for an international project, possibly also supporting GLPC but that has yet to be confirmed. Whatever the project, it would surely be unique for all 5 Clubs of the same name to work together jointly.

Richard Spalding – UK

Barrett Bridgewater – KY

Paula Michienzi – MA

Steven Callaway – TN

Les Haswell – UK

Jenny Baker – VA

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