Club Assembly – 12 June 2023 – President-Elect Les Haswell’s Message

Our Winchester Rotary Club Assembly took place on Monday 12th June 2023. President Deborah introduced our guest, Richard Burnett, Assistant Governor, Group 3.

Rotarians Colin Cook and Steve Feeney gave their excellent video presentation promoting the annual Shoebox Appeal. The stars of the film were two young actors from the Chesil Theatre who ably and fluently described the Shoebox appeal and showed us how to deftly transform the plain shoeboxes into colourful Christmas paper covered gift boxes.

President-Elect Les Haswell then presented us with his plans and aspirations for his coming presidential year:

He strongly supports the ongoing Project Rotary. Phase 1 has already been approved by the members

To ensure progress and continuity, Rotary Project Group meetings are to continue 

More social events to promote social contact between members and their partners

Strengthen the “management” team by appointing:  President-Elect, Fundraising Lead, Community Lead, a team member for social media, assistant to Club Secretary

Promote project involvement of Members/Volunteers

Build and grow Winchester Rotary

Have FUN!

Ensure that Winchester is still here in 10 – 20 years’ time.

Assistant District Governor, Richard Burnett, concluded the evening. He congratulated us on the set-up of our club and advocated the importance of teams rather than committees. He emphasised the importance of Facebook and commended us on the proposed website re-vamp.  He mentioned that District was here to help us – what do we want from District?

Change is not always possible or liked. To grow Rotary we need to market Rotary. There is plenty of guidance and financial help from District.

Let’s just ask.

Diana Brooks

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