Club Assembly and induction of new member – 10 June 2024

Our Club Assembly took place on 10 June – and we also welcomed a new member to Winchester Rotary! As well as our soon to be member Crispin Tomlinson, President Les Haswell also welcomed DG Nominee Steve Parsons, of Swanage Rotary, and Tom Romito and Ian Tait (guests of Chris Towle).

The meeting began with the induction of Crispin (proposed for membership by Colin Cook) by President Les. Crispin is a solicitor, working for  DAC Beachcroft LLP. He has some family connections with the Rotary movement – he explained that his father was a former President of Lancaster Rotary, and his brother a member of Chichester Harbour. Welcome Crispin!

President-Elect Paul Russell then invited Project Leads and Team Leaders to give a brief overview of their plans and programmes for for the new Rotary year (1 July 2024-30 June 2025). Those speaking were as follows:

Ian Valentine (CIO), JJ Heath-Caldwell (Clarendon Marathon), Social (Nick Bell), Membership (Deborah Macartney), International (Chris Towle), Foundation (Gill Russell), Environment (Mark Butcher – for Dave Stewart), Communications and Marketing (Paul Russell – for Diana Brooks), Community (Paul Russell – Luke Addison taking over for 2024-25), Youth (Ian White – for Maggie Hastie), Stroke Club (Ian Valentine) and Senior Citizens Party (Paul Russell – for Anne Smith).

Members in search of further information on next year’s plans and events are invited to contact any of those listed above.

All in all a very interesting and informative evening and we look forward to the coming year.

Gill Russell

President Les Haswell, Crispin Tomlinson and Colin Cook (proposer)

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