Club Handover Meeting – Monday 27 June 2022

This lively Handover meeting was held at the Winchester Hotel where it was our pleasure to welcome many guests, including Winchester Mayor, Cllr Derek Green, Brigadier Michael Caldicott, Karen Hazlitt, Chair of Trustees, Friends of The Family, Rob O’Connor, one of our two GRSP students for 2022-23 and his father Tim, and our much-missed former member, Simon Burge.

Still in his role as President, Ian Valentine presented Karen Hazlitt, with a cheque for £15,000, raised by Winchester Rotary in support of Friends of The Family, his chosen charity for his presidential year. Friends of The Family work with parents and children who are struggling to cope with family life.

Rob O’Connor, the winner of the Rotary Young Filmmaker Competition, told us that he had made contact with his host family in Georgia, also his future Brazilian roommate. He thanked Rotary for the sponsorship funding offered to him. However, he and his family have generously decided to gift it back to Rotary for future GRSP sponsorship.

 JJ Heath-Caldwell, of Clarendon Marathon fame, then treated us to a fascinating presentation entitled “The History of the World” – (seen through my family library). For many years JJ has been an enthusiastic collector and custodian of old books. His family history is steeped in antiques and large libraries of leather-bound aged tomes. Many contain family names which have enabled him, through patient and diligent research to learn much about the lives, libraries, homes and major events that make up his family history.

Assembling this information together JJ has given us the gift of his beautifully printed and illustrated book “History of the World” – (seen through my family library).

Thank you, JJ.

After dinner, President Ian handed over his president’s chain of office to Deborah Macartney and President Deborah handed over her President-Elect’s chain to President-Elect Clive Cook.

President Deborah, on behalf of the club, expressed her thanks and appreciation to Ian for his guiding hand and wisdom throughout his presidential year. 

She reminded us of her desire to take the club forward to encourage a diverse membership, a project-led club embodying fun and friendship.

We wish President Deborah and President-Elect Clive a very happy, fulfilling and successful year.

Diana Brooks

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