Club Meeting 13 May – AGM and Defibrillator Training

Our Annual General Meeting took place at the Winchester Hotel and Spa on Monday 13 May. President Les Haswell opened the meeting and Secretary Paul Russell led members through the meeting. Club Officers for 2024-25 were confirmed – President: Paul Russell; President Elect: Mark Butcher; Secretary: Mike Court; Club Treasurer: Joe Bright; Trust Fund Treasurer (CIO Treasurer): Ian Valentine. A full record of proceedings was circulated to all members on 20 May.

Following the AGM, we welcomed Peter Rockhill, a Community First Responder with South Central Ambulance Trust. Peter had been invited by Caroline Rubin. He took us through the use of defibrillators in public places and the correct actions to take when discovering an individual with a suspected heart attack.

Peter expertly took us through the correct procedures – and demonstrated with a dummy figure and the help of volunteer members, the manoevres required, including the correct way to place a person in the recovery position.

A very useful and informative demonstration, delivered in a friendly and practical manner.

Demonstrating the recovery position

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