Club meeting – 25 September 2023 – Winchester Talking Newspaper

At our meeting on Monday 25 September, we were pleased to have as guests representatives of the Winchester Talking Newspaper (WTN), an organisation we have supported for 33 years – indeed it was founded by Winchester Rotary in 1990.

Before the main presentation, we heard from Thomas Bwambale about the recent launch of the Shoebox video, JJ Heath-Caldwell on the upcoming Clarendon Marathon and Anthony Arkwright on the appeal for more volunteers at the Round Table Bonfire and Fireworks on 4 November.

David Farthing then introduced our visitors and took us through the history of WTN.

 The initiative was begun by the late Martin Fayers, the first Chair – it was thanks to his foresight that the project took off.  David succeeded him as Chair, and held the position for 20 years.  John Richards, current Chair, spoke about recent developments and Keith Hatter (a WTN user) explained and demonstrated some of the technology.  John referred to the organisation’s recent move to space within the Hampshire Chronicle’s premises, at the invitation of the editor, and Honorary Member of our club, Kimberley Barber.  Every week, the volunteer readers and technicians record and transfer to memory stick and online access, articles from the latest edition of the Chronicle who then ensure their delivery to visually impaired listeners.

Kimberley, also a guest at the meeting, described the excellent relationship which has developed between WTN and the Chronicle staff – indeed some of the readers have been reporters reading their own articles. 

All in all, a fascinating evening, giving us an insight into the workings of both WTN and our local newspaper.  Long may it continue!

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