Dinner Meeting Monday 09 January 2023

Our dinner meeting this evening was hosted by our President Elect Les Haswell. On this occasion we did not have the pleasure of welcoming guests, but we did have the pleasure of sharing Phill Jennison’s Life Story.

His was a unique and thought provoking presentation entitled “Understanding our Personalities”  It is clear that Phill has devoted  much thought not only to his own personality but to those of others – including friends and work colleagues.

Talking about oneself and others always stimulates group discussion; there was plenty of that.  At times one wondered if it was Phill’s life or the lives of those present that we were talking about.

Phill’s headline message was “Not really interested in small talk.” There was certainly plenty of talk, small or otherwise. To return to Phill – his main interests are family, fitness (walking), travelling, learning – a degree, a career in consulting, teaching, career management and global studies. Socially, he is not tolerant of those whose values do not match his, not very relaxed with others, a man of few words who gets on with people and the job in hand.

As a serious researcher of personality, Phill took us through Holland’s theory of vocational choice, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, (MBTI), and “Big Five” Personality Traits, (OCEAN). The Big Five dimensions considered to be the key traits that make up an individual’s personality are, Openness/Intellect or Imagination Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism/Emotional stability.

There is more to discuss but hopefully the above gave us all present the encouragement to look more deeply at ourselves. There are things we will never know about each other – some thoughts, emotions, aspirations – that surely, is the mystery and magic of human nature.

I am sure there is one group of values that Phill and we will always share – those of Rotary.

Thank you, Phill, for a stimulating, group inclusive presentation.

Diana Brooks

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