Dinner Meeting Monday 23rd January 2023

President Deborah opened our dinner meeting with an update on Phase1of Project Rotary, confirming that Winchester Rotary is now a project led club. 

She then welcomed Katie Campling, founder and proprietor of Earthian Zero Waste Shop, created in  2020, situated in Parchment Street in the heart of Winchester. The shop aims to be zero waste to landfill and currently has achieved approximately 90% of target.

Less than 50% of waste in the UK is recycled. Less than 9% of all plastic has ever been recycled and plastic production is set to rise by 40% in the next 10 years.

Zero waste shopping means to stop buying single-use plastic goods and to choose instead sustainable, reusable or recyclable alternatives to many everyday items. 

Earthian Zero Waste Shop offers organic herbs, spices and dried foods which include pasta, rice, beans and oats, over 30 cleaning and personal care liquids, including various other home and person care products. There are also oils and vinegars, and a selection of teas and coffees. Customers can repeatedly refill their own containers or use the shop paper bags where appropriate. This is not only environmentally responsible but also financially less expensive – Katie’s research has proved this.

Katie and her one part time employee undertake a comprehensive shop recycling programme, which includes milk bottle tops, bread bags, bras, home ink cartridges. Any income derived from these activities goes to various local charities.

It was clear while listening to Katie’s presentation that she is 100% committed to our environment, not only with her work but through her research. In these days of environmental fragility and vulnerability, we need so many more forward thinking, caring young people like Katie.

Thank you, Katie, for your presentation to our Winchester Rotary Club. You are an inspiration to us all. We wish you every success with your wonderful Earthian Zero Waste Shop.

Diana Brooks

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