Disease resistant Elm tree planting – St. Peter’s School

At 7:23am on the morning of March 1st, 2024, Louise Buxton, headteacher of St. Peter’s Catholic School contacted Rotarians Mark Butcher and Dave Stewart – The rain outside is near horizontal, should we delay to another day?  Not being such early birds, Dave and Mark conferred after 8:00am and decided to go ahead, as the sun had come out by then.  

The team of 6 Rotarians: Shelagh Bird, Colin Cook, Paul Russell and Ian White, plus Dave and Mark, along with 4 volunteer helpers: Anna Stewart (Our tree expert), Dave Pearson, David Ortego and Jose Luis Ortega Aponte.  Arrived at the allotted 10:00am, meeting with Louise and caretaker Rob Docherty to agree our plan.  

As the rain showers kept sweeping across the site, the team prepared the holes for the 16 Disease resistant Elm trees to be planted, and as the weather finally relented, 6 pupils joined the team.  Within an hour, all of the holes were dug, the 2-2.5m saplings were protected, planted and staked in the ground.  A great team effort much enjoyed by all.

For additional photos, please see here.

Follow-up message from Louise:

Dear Mark

Thank you so much to you and your team. Firstly, thank you for considering us for this project. Planting additional trees is something we’ve been discussing for some time.   They are so important and so beautiful.

Thank you also to your team for coming to plant and for having the children ‘help’. We will be celebrating it in our weekly newsletter and on our FB page.

Wishing you and your team a great weekend. Louise

Dave helping one of the pupils to get a stake in the ground
Great team work

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