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Access to the Winchester Rotary Club Dropbox

Photos or documents from all the Rotary events are now stored on Dropbox and all members can access the entire Dropbox photo/document store.To log in to Dropbox: Type dropbox into google and select Dropbox/login from the list (avoid the items marked as an Ad). When the Dropbox Login page appears ignore ‘Sign in with Google’.In the email box enter: winchesterrotary@outlook.com In the password box enter Serveb4self and click ‘Sign in. This will log you on to the club Dropbox website.The photos are stored in folders on Dropbox, much in the same way as on your PC/laptop. They are stored in date order with the first eight characters showing the date in reverse order (yyyymmdd).

The earliest dated folders are usually at the top, but can be sorted to show the latest at the top by clicking ‘Name’… To download a particular folder: Click the small box to the left of the folder name, It will turn blue with a white tick. Click ‘Download’ on the right hand side of the screen. A dialogue box will appear at the base of the screen asking if you want to Save, Save as, or Cancel. Click Save and the folder will be downloaded to your Downloads folder on your PC as a ‘zip’ file. The download time will depend on the speed of your broadband. Mac users may find this different.Navigate to the Downloads folder and open the zip file by double clicking the zip folder; the contents (folder/photos will then appear). Copy or move the photos to the Pictures folder. To download a single photo: Click the folder name of the event and the thumbnails of the photos will appear.Select which photo you want and click the thumbnail and the photo will be displayed on screen. Click the ‘Download’ box at the top right of the screen. A dialogue box will appear at the base of the screen asking if you want to ‘Save’, ‘Save as’ or ‘Cancel’. Click Save and the photo will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.To return to the ‘Home’ page either use the ‘left’ arrow at the top left of the screen or, if visible click the text ‘Dropbox’ above the folder list. Do not close the window. To upload Photos: To upload photos to dropbox, first follow steps 2 to 4 above.The list of folders will be shown. Click ‘New folder’ on the right hand side of the screen. A new folder will be created. Type the name of the folder being sure to use the correct naming convention yyyymmdd followed by the name of the event. A new folder will be created and placed in the list. It will either be at the top of the list or at the bottom, depending on which way the folder names are sorted. To sort the folder list, click the word ‘Name’ at the top of the folder list.On a Windows computer, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where your pictures or documents etc are stored. Both windows need to be open, i.e. the dropbox window and the windows explorer window, side by side. Drag and drop the photos from windows explorer into the folder you have just created on dropbox. You can drag and drop multiple photos at the same time. The photos will then be uploaded to dropbox. This may take some time depending on the speed of your broadband, so please be patient. A progress message will appear at the base of the screen and advise you when all the pictures have been uploaded.On a Mac, the same process applies. Navigate to where your photos are kept and follow the same procedure. When you have finished using Dropbox, please log out by clicking the Rotary wheel at the top right hand corner and click ‘Sign Out’. If you unintentionally delete a folder/photo, please let Joe Bright know, and he will recover. Deleted photos are kept in Dropbox for 30 days after deletion. The “photos” link at the end of many blog articles will take you straight to the Dropbox file without the need to log in to Dropbox – useful for those who just want to see more photos of that particular event.  The fact that you have the link and can view the file also allows you to copy and download files from it – without being fully logged in.

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