First Rotary delivery of toiletries from Tesco to The Hygiene Bank (THB)

The Hygiene Bank (THB), Winchester, has only recently been started. It is one of many hygiene banks across the country but the only one in Winchester, this one being run by Lynne Gibson, and works to address hygiene poverty throughout the Winchester District. They fundraise to help to raise awareness of hygiene poverty and to buy desperately needed items which are not donated. THB accepts any new, unused and unwanted personal and household hygiene products and now has several collection points around the Winchester area. To help get established, they have recently been given a grant of £370 from Winchester Rotary’s community team to purchase some essential items to assist with marketing and fundraising.

Winchester Rotary arranged and started collecting toiletries, from the generous customers of Tesco in Winnall in mid 2020, not long after the start of the pandemic. These items were initially delivered only to Trinity and this was only going to be running for about 3 months, as that was how long the pandemic was meant to last. 2 years later, Beacon joined in with the programme. Reviewing this at the 3 year point in mid 2023 (after in the order of £15,000-worth had been donated, collected and distributed), it was found that quite a few items donated weren’t really needed by Trinity and Beacon, and this was at the same moment THB appeared.

The first delivery of toiletries to THB was made on Thursday 21 September. Going forwards, it is expected that THB will work closely with Trinity and Beacon to ensure the right donations get to the most appropriate organisation.

Richard Spalding

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