£500 donated to Gaza via ShelterBox

The Club made a donation to ShelterBox on 21 March of £500 from the Club’s Disaster Fund. This was endorsed at a previous meeting of the International Team. The Club normally makes routine donations from the International Team each year of about £500-£1000 but this was a separate, extra donation.

As ShelterBox advised not long beforehand, they had agreed that donations could be made to them specifically for Gaza. These would be treated as ‘Restricted’ and, as such, would be ring-fenced for Gaza. Their normal funding strategy is that all donations to ShelterBox go in to their main fund to replenish stock that has been used up. So, this was a helpful departure for us.

Rotary itself has not yet been able to establish a secure means to provide support direct to Rotary in Gaza. Additionally, ShelterBox relatively quickly established a presence close to the Egypt/Gaza border. They have also just announced that they are now scaling up their support efforts even more. This is currently by providing tents to thousands without shelter.

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