Laptop donated to Holy Family Childrens’ Home

On Thursday 11 April, I asked my generous golfing partner ‘AK’ Gupta for a favour: to donate a laptop, which he did.

Part of the Holy Family Childrens’ Home, St Lucia, was refurbished before Christmas, with £500 coming from Winchester Rotary. Sister Anthonia then reached out to me again. She said that one of the 17 residents there, Shania (aged 16) had had her laptop stolen and so now found it very difficult to do her school work. She wanted to get hold of a small one so it would easily fit in her school bag.

Whilst playing golf, I explained the situation to ‘AK’. He is the owner of the ‘Computer World’ chain of stores in St Lucia. He very quickly dialled a few numbers and arranged for their last remaining 11” laptop (normal selling price £400) to be packaged up. We then collected it and headed to the Childrens’ Home where we presented it to Shania. Assistant Angie was in attendance, Sister Anthonia being off island at the time.

Shania is clearly a bright and dedicated girl and has aspirations after school to become a Spanish cuisine chef. She was very happy with the surprise donation.

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