New Website for Winchester Rotary – Dinner Meeting 13 November 2023

President Les Haswell welcomed our guest, Nicki Smith, a PR professional, introduced to the club by Clive Cook, with whom she had worked previously on the St John’s website. Nicki played a very active and supportive role in the creation of our new website.

Our dinner evening opened with the Winchester Rotary SGM presented by Rotarian Paul Russell, our club Hon Secretary, followed by the CIO Trust Fund AGM presented by Rotarian Ian Valentine, Trust Fund Treasurer.

Rotarian Mark Butcher, our website developer and administrator, introduced our new Winchester Rotary website. It will go live to the club at the beginning of January. As members become familiar with the site, there will be continual development according to the needs of club members. 

No words can adequately describe the commitment, time and expertise that Mark has devoted to the creation and development of our modern, vibrant new website. He had to learn from scratch a completely new content management system, (WordPress), and then transfer a huge amount of data from our old website onto the new one.  At the moment he is running the two sites.

He presented this completely new, visual experience with precision and clarity, demonstrating the versatility, flexibility and actual fun we would enjoy when familiar with the site. As a result, Mark’s presentation was warmly received by members present at dinner.

In addition to this work, Mark will be offering tuition to members – details to be announced.

Thank you, Mark, for giving the club a much needed, modern website  – we look forward to ‘making friends” with it in the New Year.

Diana Brooks

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