President’s Dinner Night 8th June 2024

President Les Haswell’s Dinner Night was held at the IBM Social Club – a venue set in our beautiful, serene English countryside, known and previously enjoyed by many Winchester Rotary club members. This evening proved to be no exception. The event marked the drawing to a close of Les Haswell’s second term of office as our president. In true form, Les being a Scot, requested members and guests to add a little something Scottish to their attire. He led the way with a very smart kilt with ‘all the trimmings’ revealing rarely seen, very fine knees. Members and guests responded with enthusiasm. They wore a variety of plaid sashes, shawls, brooches, handbags and bow ties.

The evening began with a glass of sparkling or a Pimms, followed by an excellent dinner with wine. We were entertained by ‘Steve’ ( his other name was not revealed), who provided both lively and romantic music throughout the evening. The floor was filled with very enthusiastic and energetic dancers – so enthusiastic that next day some whispers were heard concerning aching knees and sore feet.

In all, a fun evening, full of music, dancing and friendship.

Thank you, Nick, for organising the event and thank you, Les, for being our president for the second time and for bringing a little Scottish life and fun into our club.

Diana Brooks

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