Rotary and Tesco relationship re-affirmed

I finally managed to meet up with the Richard Perry, store manager of Tesco, Winnall, on Friday 5 July. He has been in post for the best part of a year but we have struggled to find an opportunity to meet, till now.

We’ve had a great relationship with Tesco for quite a few years now, helped by the commitment of the Community Champions, notably Lucy Burgess, the current one, but also supported through the leadership of the store managers.

I thanked him for their continuing support for Rotary and especially for their very latest donation of some clothing for GLPC, Uganda, particularly underwear for women and girls, which is in such short supply there and arrived in country by Nick and Thomas on 2 July. I proffered further thanks for the various opportunities we have been granted for selling Rotary items, including Diana’s lovely books, and also for allowing us to set up the basket for customers to donate toiletries to go to Trinity initially, then also Beacon and now also The Hygiene Bank, which is still continuing after 4 years, with probably over £20,000 worth collected and donated.

We agreed that we should continue to work together for the good of the community and they will look for projects and opportunities where they can serve even more with Rotary’s trusted help. And he reiterated how much they love taking part in the Pancake Race, not to mention the rivalry with Sainsbury’s.

Anyone with ideas how we can further strengthen ties with Tesco, do let me know.

Richard Spalding

Richard Spalding and Richard Perry

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