Selling “A Cat Called Smokey” at Tesco for Christmas

As we still have a number of copies of both editions of Diana Brooks’ wonderful children’s books – “A Cat Called Smokey”, it was decided to give them a last sales push using the good offices of Tesco who have facilitated sales in the past. This also gave us another opportunity to raise funds for President Deborah Macartney’s charities

We were given two slots on 12 and 21 December and 15 willing members volunteered to populate a rota which Phill Jennison expertly and diligently set up for us.

Sales of books were a little on the slow side but the donations from members of the public more than made up for that!! The Christmas spirit was much in evidence from both the sellers and the shoppers as well as Tesco staff.

A total of £756.15  was collected over the two days from sales and donations and all in all it was a worthwhile exercise as it also provided  Winchester Rotary with good publicity.

Special thanks must go to Colin Cook who set up and took down the stall each day with the Rotary banners and flags which get us noticed so much better as well as also doing a sales stint for us. Thanks also to Phill as mentioned above as well as all the members who acted as salespeople and collectors. Lastly thanks to Diana for writing such excellent books and to former member Allen Cobbold for illustrating them!!

Photos taken over the two days here: Smokey at Tesco

Nick Bell

[Special thanks to Joe Bright for helping to promote on Facebook]

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