St Giles Hill Graveyard working party

As usual on the first Saturday in the month (6 August), Friends of St Giles Graveyard held a co-ordinated clear up for the morning and Winchester Rotary was represented -mainly by its younger connections contributing 4 workers to the 20-strong team that turned up to move tree trunks, clear old man’s beard and remove nettles and bindweed to get the graveyard into good shape so it can be maintained more easily. Michael from Rotaract, Azmat a potential Rotaractor from the University, Thomas from Kasese and Nick all put in a couple of hours of hard graft before going on to the Refugee event at the Arc.

This graveyard is the remnants of what was once a chapel with all the usual associated burial facilities, but that was lost some time ago and it passed from the Diocese to the Council. They do not have the staff or finance to maintain it. It is now left to a few local residents, and groups like ourselves and is also a Community Service Project for offenders. It was last used as a burial site in the ’70s.

Why not come along to the next one which will be later this month just for Rotarians or if you can only make the weekend then the Friends one on the first Saturday in September (3rd) -see the Winchester Rotary website for details and It is a good opportunity to get stuck into a project in your local community, keep fit and meet up with other Rotarians whilst enjoying the fresh air -and at the moment sunshine!!

Photos: St Giles Working Party

Nick Bell

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