Tesco Donations to Homeless Charities

We have just changed arrangements for donations from Tesco shoppers, and a photo opportunity was taken to mark the occasion on Wednesday 13 July.

At the beginning of my presidency in July 2020, when we had agreed to support Trinity and Beacon (formerly Nightshelter), we agreed with Tesco Winnall that they would facilitate shoppers donating toiletries, cleaning products and non-food catering items to just Trinity. We didn’t know how long this would run but assumed it would be for about 3 months. We ended up reviewing it about Easter time 2021 and agreed for it to continue. And it’s now been going for 2 years. It’s hard to estimate how much has so generously been donated by shoppers, but probably in the order of £5000+.

As life moves on, donations have become more varied and Trinity found they didn’t need everything donated, we have now decided to revise the scope of donations and include Beacon as a recipient henceforth.

Richard Spalding

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