Tesco Toiletries Collection Handed Over to the Hygiene Bank – October 2023

After 3 years and £15,000 + worth of toiletries, organised and collected weekly by Winchester Rotary, kindly donated by Tesco customers, originally delivered to Trinity Winchester, latterly to Winchester Beacon, Winchester Rotary is now taking a back seat.

This programme was meant to last for 3 months only, from the middle of 2020 (when Richard Spalding became President, with a theme to support the homeless charities), as that was how long the pandemic was expected to last. Now, with the new Hygiene Bank (THB) also recently joining the fold, the weekly collecting process has been handed over to Lynne Gibson of THB (appropriately on World Homeless Day – 10 October).

The donations will then be shared with Trinity (Kirsty Boote) and Beacon (Nancy Judge), all having slightly different requirements, making this an excellent new, well-balanced and coordinated programme, working with Tesco to help those in need.

Winchester Rotary will keep an overview of the programme, and help out as required.

Photos here: Hygiene Bank

Richard Spalding

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