The Car Boot Sale – 08 October 2023

An old firm favourite where we can collect a reasonable amount of money with only a few members in a short time – so what’s not to like…………. having to roll out of bed at a little after 07.00 on a Sunday morning!

Having done this before Shelagh neatly secured us a slot on what must have been the warmest Sunday morning for months and she and Mike Court, Thomas and I turned up for duty at The Old Cattle Market Car Park where we collected the pitch fees from the sellers (£7 a car and £10 a van). This was one situation where Rotary tabards definitely worked;  as soon as they saw the bright orange tabards they leapt for their cash boxes and the money was handed over in no time! We had a couple of cheeky customers, one said she was doing it for charity, so we replied “so were we” and one said he hadn’t sold anything so why should he pay! After some unsuccessful gentle persuasion we sent the Council rep over to sort him out! We were all done and dusted in an hour or so working in two’s down each side of the Car Park and collected a net sum of £460 after deducting the Council’s charge of £90.

The only additional task for us  was to return at just after 12.00 when the event was closing down, to clear up any rubbish. Quite frankly we think the site looked cleaner than it had done before the event started as we cleared up several discarded display tickets which had clearly been there for some time. Our only beef was the Vendor who decided he/she didn’t want some of the items they didn’t sell and effectively dumped them in the middle of the car park. We moved them to the side and advised the Council.

A relatively easy and painless way of raising money and we only need to do two of those in a year to raise the best part of £1,000! We also get good publicity – thanks to the tabards!!

Our thanks to Shelagh for securing the slot, providing a float and receipts as well as the bin bags for clearing up. Watch this space for the next slot!

Nick Bell

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