Thomas Bwambale goes to find Thomas Beckett in Canterbury…..

Since giving his presentation to Winchester Rotary a couple of weeks ago Thomas from Kasese, Uganda has been very busy giving further shows to Ringwood, Southampton Magna and finally to Canterbury Sunrise where we journeyed on Tuesday 1 November. After an evening being hosted by their Past President in his luxurious house and a night in the VIP suite, Thomas was up bright and early at 06.00 to give his presentation to the Canterbury Sunrise Breakfast Club.

It was the usual “Tour de Force” covering his own life, GLPC and Rotary in Kasese as well as his experiences at TFSR and attracted a lot of positive comments from members there.

We were then enlisted to help them sell poppies in the shopping precinct and Thomas cheerfully greeted everyone and soon found that that persuaded them to part with a donation whether or not they actually wanted to purchase a Poppy!!  After an hour Sinitta their President (who four of us had met in India in 2019 – hence the connection) organised a tour of the cathedral for Thomas – who was flattered to find that his namesake Thomas Beckett played a very important role in the history of the Cathedral. As Sinitta currently works for the Cathedral she managed to make the tour even more special by filling in additional pieces of information. We then went for a delicious lunch at a very trendy new cafe called the Cosy Club. We rounded off the afternoon with a Punt on the river before driving back to Winchester. A truly magical experience for Thomas – apart from the torrential rain on the journeys there and back, reminding him that he was still in the UK!!

Nick Bell

Photos here: Thomas in Canterbury

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