Tree planting for the county – and planet….

It is one of the joys of Rotary that it provides great opportunities to get our hands dirty, literally, by helping on such major projects as on the banner shown in the  photo below. Then the photo accompanying this blog shows the four of us about to get going with the guidance of Gemma and Hannah from Hampshire County Council (HCC), whose Countryside Service staff are overseeing the project. This was on a lovely sunny morning back in early December, when we were amongst about 25 volunteers, the others being from different HCC operations like the Record Office and various Libraries.

There were 300 “whips” to plant of several varieties, plus a few “proper” trees, needing several people to handle. The four of us soon got the hang of it, and did our fair share of digging, planting, stamping, staking and protecting; and felt really good for the outdoor activity, for the CO2 benefit, and for the camaraderie. Let’s hope there’s a repeat opportunity in February as mentioned, when let’s hope too Winchester Rotary can provide lots more volunteers to enjoy the experience. 

Julian English

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