Update on Rotary Scholarship at Winchester University

As you are all probably aware by now Thomas arrived on 24th August  to prepare for the start of his four year course at Winchester University studying Computer Science on the 18th September. There have however been many preparations since the start of this journey from navigating the UCAS University application scheme and receiving an offer of a place from Winchester, to travelling to Kampala on an eight hour bus journey from his home town of Kasese for his IELTS (English) test not to mention a similar visit for a TB test. He has also navigated the rigours of the Visa process (which he is well used to now!) and also completed all the forms the University required prior to his arrival.

Now that he is here we have registered him with a GP, paid the NHS supplement for the next four years, started the difficult process of opening a Bank Account when you don’t have an established address in the UK, applied for an NI number, applied for Part time jobs as well as done casual work for Rotarians in order to give him some pocket money.

He has also attended the Park Run on his first Saturday here and completed in 25 minutes not having done any running since he left the UK last year! He also attended the Rotary BBQ and brought along two potential Rotaractors that  he met at the Park Run. On the same day he also helped out at the Graveyard Project. He will be attending as many Rotary Meetings as his studies will allow as well as giving up his time for events such as the Clarendon (he says quite categorically that he wont be running again!)and Fireworks. He is booked to speak at the District Conference where he will also be selling some GLPC handicrafts to raise money for them. He is also available to do presentations for other Rotary Clubs and events.

At Freshers Fayre he has promoted the relaunch of Rotaract and also the promotion of Peacejam, both Rotary Projects and will be continuing this through the rest of this year.

I am very pleased to say that through the generosity of many Rotarians we have raised all we needed to pay for the items  for his arrival as well as all the reduced University fees for the 2023/4 academic year. We even have a start to the fees for the following year but we are not resting on our laurels as a slow accumulation of a base for future fees is going to be much easier to manage and will give us security for the future as this is a long lasting Project which will require consistent injections of funding. We are also looking to build up a fund to enable him to move into his own student accommodation in that second year.

Thanks very much indeed to those Rotarians who have shown their support in so many different ways to this new Project. Thomas spreads vibes consistent with Rotary values wherever he goes and will be a valuable ambassador for Winchester Rotary.

At the moment Thomas has his room at Crowded House, which he was pleased to return to after last year, but we are looking at securing his own student accommodation next academic year. He can be contacted on Thomasbwambale2001@gmail.com  or on 07598 624513

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