Visit to Winchester Sport & Leisure Park run by Everyone Active

On one of the hottest days of the year (or ever) Tuesday 19 July 2022, a group of plucky Winchester Rotarians joined Graham Topping on a tour of the Leisure Park. We were shown around by Alison Lewis, Area Manager, starting on the ground floor with the Pinder Aquatic Physiotherapy Pool and consulting room area. The Leisure Park is in partnership with a range of other providers such as Pinder, a private GP, Winchester University and the NHS. We then moved to the climbing wall room where we were very impressed by the tots who had managed to ascend much higher than most of our group would be able to climb.

We also admired the huge mixed-sex changing area and the training pool. Both the training pool and part of the main pool have floors that can be raised and lowered. A fully raised floor means that the Leisure Park does not have to provide a lifeguard if the pool is not in use. We then saw the main sports hall, which can be split into two, and the squash courts.

Upstairs we relished the very cool, spacious well-equipped gym and the spinning room with forty cycles. Spaces can be used for virtual classes, via built-in screens and projectors, as well as for live classes. We passed the beauty studio which transferred from the old leisure centre and made our way onto the main swimming pool balcony. Sometimes it is good to ask lots of questions but it can make your friends get very, very hot! We found out that there are cameras to monitor the bottom of the pool. If anyone stops moving an alarm sounds at the lifeguard station which shows which section of the pool the swimmer is located in. There is also a purpose-built room for swimming competition judges and electronic pads for the competition swimmers to touch at the end of the pool.

After thanking Alison for a most interesting tour, we supported the cafe which serves healthy food and drink options including lovely cold smoothies, iced chocolate and iced coffee. To reinforce the heat forecast, our cars registered 43C as we exited the car park.

If you haven’t already visited it is well worth getting to know this great facility with many options such as one-off sessions for swimming, gym membership, senior membership or ordinary membership.

Shelagh Bird

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