Winchester Rotary Sponsors ‘Interview Ready’ training at Westgate School

On May 24th 2024, Winchester Rotary sponsored a morning of ‘Interview Ready’ training for all Year 10 students at The Westgate School, reaching more than 240 pupils. The training led by the charity EBP South, based in Portsmouth and Basingstoke, aims to prepare young people across Hampshire for the workforce by teaching them essential soft skills. Westgate embraced the initiative enthusiastically.

Four EBP trainers provided support; Year 10 teachers also attended the sessions to maintain student focus. The training introduced pupils to contemporary interviewing techniques, including the use of Artificial Intelligence to pre-select candidates for in-person interviews together with the growing prevalence of Assessment Centres for various job types. The trainers covered interview fundamentals, including what to do and what not to do, as well as tips for making a positive impression on employers. We, as Business Volunteers, were invited to offer illustrative examples and feedback on the activities.

A particularly effective part of the training was a simulated assessment centre task that tested comprehension and visual association, requiring pupils to work collaboratively in teams. This exercise saw high engagement and appeared to be enjoyed by the Westgate students.

A feedback questionnaire distributed immediately after the event revealed that many participants found the training beneficial.

Clive Cook/Bruce Royston-Smith

Clive Cook, Bruce Royston-Smith and the team at Westgate School

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