Winchester Rotary Youth Team Showcase GRSP at Peter Symonds College

Representing Winchester Rotary Youth Team, Maggie Hastie, Steve Feeney, Diana Brooks and Ian White attended the Peter Symonds College Progression Fair to showcase the Georgia Rotary Student Programme, (GRSP). The Progression Fair, held annually, enables students to explore in detail, on a personal, one-to-one basis, their post-college options. Here students find gap year opportunities, training and university choices together with post-university possibilities.

This day of student information is aways very well attended – last year over 2000 students passed through the venue. This year was no exception. The hall was buzzing – crowded with eager, interested young people.

Our table was very busy. Almost 70 students signed up to receive further GRSP information and entry details. In addition to those we talked with personally, many more crowded around our table.

The GRSP programme is open to students aged 18 to 24 during their study year, subject to reaching a satisfactory SAT score.  Due to the generosity of Georgia Rotary, tuition and on-campus accommodation fees are paid for.  Local sponsoring Rotary clubs, such as Winchester Rotary pay the students return flights and medical insurance.

What is there not to like about a scheme which enables students from all over the world, to exchange cultural knowledge and understanding, form friendships and connections, while at the same time receiving a year’s free university education and local Rotarian family hospitality, in addition to experiencing American life and education?.

Nothing surpasses one-to-one conversation for learning about the students interests, hopes and ambition. It was a privilege to meet so many delightful young people. 

We were welcomed warmly by the college staff. We were given an excellent packed  lunch, plus tea and coffee.

We talked ourselves hoarse, our feet were tired, we learned so much – a rewarding day, all in the name of Rotary.

Diana Brooks 

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