World Polio Day 2022

24 October is World Polio Day – and the link takes you to an update on the global campaign to rid the world of this dreadful disease.  Rotary International is of course a key player in the campaign.

In RotaryGBI the purple crocus is the symbol of its work – “Purple4Polio” – and clubs around the country have for many years planted purple corms in public spaces.  In 2020 Winchester City Council allowed us to plant corms around the base of the statue of King Alfred in our historic city.  This year we have filled in the gaps – after the crocuses have now settled and flowered for two years, we have planted a few more. 

The photos show the team at work on Sunday morning – the torrential rain of the early morning ceased in time for blue skies and sunshine while planting!

The current issue of the RotaryGBI magazine also features an article by two members of Winchester Rotary who are both polio survivors – Gill Russell and Kordo Saeed:  Life as a Polio Survivor

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