Before getting into the creation of a blog post, please be sure that you’re aware of the considerations relating to the use of images in posts.

Getting started

First hover over the “+ New” hotspot at the top of the page, just above the club logo and select “Post” from the list of options shown. Alternatively, just click on “+ New”, which defaults to creating a new post.

Then enter the title for your post.

If there is a need to restrict the content to members only:

  1. Scroll down to where you see “Ultimate Member: Content Restriction.
  2. Check the “Restrict access to this post?” box.
  3. Select “Logged in Users” in the “Who can access this post” pull down list.

Before entering any content, set up the two column structure for the post:

  • The left two thirds for the text, and
  • The right-hand third for the images.

Just the same as you see on this page.

Beneath your title, you should see the text “Type / to choose a block”, and over towards the right-hand side you’ll see a white plus sign, on a black background, which will bring up a small pop-up. You should ideally see a “Columns” icon, and if so click on that. If not, type “col” in the serach box, and the “Columns” icone will appear. Click on that.

In the list of column options shown, click on the “66 / 33” one, i.e. two thirds / one third.

You’re now ready to enter your content, with text in the left-hand column and your images (3 maximum) on the right.

Given the extensive capabilities of the editor, rather than describe them here, please see this article, which includes a video tutorial, or find other search the web for other sources, looking for “WordPress Gutenberg Editor Tutorial”

Completing and publishing your post

Before you publish the post, there are two finals things you will need to do:

  • Assign one or more categories to the post using the “Categories” widget on the right hand side:
  • Provide a featured image for the post if it is required, i.e. a separate image than already included in the post content is required for the list view of the blog.

Assigning the category

In the “Categories” widget on the right-hand side, select the appropriate category. The list is scrollable.

Please just choose one of them. Currently the options are:

  • Annual Reviews: Only use this for annual reviews
  • Blog: Use this for the main blog page – This is the default if you forget to specify it, and there are the following sub-categories, which will result in the posts also appearing in the latest news sections of the relevant pages, without you having to take any further action. Please use these if relevant, as they help to ensure the pages where they appear include fresh information:
    • Community
    • Environment
    • International
    • Youth
  • Design: Please do not use this
  • Press Releases: Only use this for press releases
  • Uncategorized: Please do not use this

Providing a featured image

Please note: This should not be used for posts in the Press Releases or Annual Reviews categories.

In the “Featured image” widget on the right-hand side, click on the “Set featured image” button, and then using the window that pops-up, you can either use an image that is already in our Media Library, a Free image, or upload a new one. If you upload a new image, please set the “Upload file to” field to the appropriate folder first.

Please make sure that you check the box where it says, “Show featured image in the posts lists only, but hide it in the single post view”. This will ensure that when people open your post, they will only see the image in the way that you want it displayed, rather than a great big image across the top of the post, which ruins the consistency of the website.

Publishing your post

Click on the “Publish” button at the top.

Depending upon your level of authority, you will either:

  • Be presented with a second “Publish” button. If you’re ready, press this and the post will be published immediately.
  • Be Presented with a “Submit for Review” button. If you’re ready, press this and the site editors will be notified of the post and will review it in due course. You will be informed when the post is published.
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