The 2023 – 2024 Winchester Rotary Young Environmentalist Competition is the first stage of the Rotary of Great Britain and Ireland National competition which will take place in the Spring of 2024.

There are three age categories, for either individuals, or teams of up to 4:

  • Up to to and including 10 years old
  • 11 to 13 years old
  • 14 to 17 years old

You must have been in one of these age categories on 31st August 2023 – Check out the Rotary Young Environmentalist Pack for full details.

This year’s theme is “Waste minimisation”.


Local Competitions:  There is a certificate for every entrant and a prize for the winner of each age group at the Local Competition level.

National Final:  The winner, or winners in the case of a team, of each age group will receive a mentoring experience to take their idea forward, thus offering an opportunity to help save the planet.

Your task

To undertake an environmental sustainability project based upon the theme of “Waste Minimisation”.  It should raise awareness of a particular porblem within the given topic area and inspire action to respond to the grwoing awareness of the problem.

Your project is to be summarised in a presentation, upon which the judging will be based.

All you need to know

Download the Rotary Young Environmentalist Pack

How to get involved

Step 1

Do this NOW!

Download the entry form

Email:, to inform us that you propose to take part in the competition, simply stating whether you’ll be entering as an individual, or as a team. No further information is required at this point. 

Step 2

By 19th February 2024

Send your completed entry from and presentation to

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