How do I add a press release?

A press release is just a particular type of blog post, with very limited text, linking to a copy of the release in our Dropbox space and if appropriate to where any of the local media have posted it on their own sites or social media.

To create the press release

  1. Click on “+ New” at the top of the page, in the black banner above our logo, and you’ll be taken into the Post editor.
  2. Add your title and the text you want included below in paragraph blocks.  There is no need to set up any columns.  The text is typically something like: 
    • “Click here to read article on the Chronicle website, or here to see the Press Release”, making “here” links to the relevant locations (see below)
    • Followed by something like the following if the release has appeared in a physical paper: “[Featured in Hampshire Chronicle 2 November 2023]”  in a second paragraph. 
    • Include the following links, and please remember to enable the “Open in new tab” option, which will save the user having to find their own way back to our website:
      • Link to the article on the Chronicle, or whoever’s website, if there is one.
      • Link to the Press release file, which should be in our Dropbox space, in the Communications -> Press Releases folder.
  3. Do not include the image you’re planning to use in the post content, rather
    • Set the image you want to use as the featured image (using the right -hand navigator, and making sure you have the “Post” tabe selected at the top, rather than “Block”).  
    • Make sure that you check the box where it says, ” Show featured image in the posts lists only, but hide it in the single post view.”.
  4. Before you publish, set the category to “Press Releases” only.  Make sure that “Blog” is not selected.  If you want to experiment first, you can temporarily set the category to “Sandpit”, changing it to “Press Releases” when you’re ready.
  5. Click on the “Publish” button, and the second one when you’re ready.

The important point here is that given how little text these particular posts include, the full text is displayed on the Press Releases page, rather than just the excerpt, which would only display the first 55 words.  This means that people don’t actually need to open the posts.  They can see the full text and follow any links included.

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