How do I use Zoom to run a meeting?

Instructions for setting up and running meetings with Zoom.

Our club Zoom meeting room can be accessed by following this link:  Whoever is acting as host will need to login using the associated ID and password, details of which are at the bottom of this article

Joining by phone:

If the device your joining the zoom meeting with does not have a microphone and/or speaker you may wish/need to join the meeting by phone, so that you can speak or hear.  Alternatively, if you’re concerned about using up your broadband data limits, then you may also join by phone, though obviously nobody will be able to see you and you may be charged for the phone call, depending upon your contract.

To join by phone, dial one of the following numbers, it doesn’t matter which:

  • 0203 481 5240
  • 0131 460 1196
  • 0203 481 5237

Then enter the Meeting ID when prompted: 483 749 7781 followed by #

Advice for those concerned about broadband limits:

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, some Broadband providers are removing their limits on broadband usage, at least for land line users, but not all.  You may therefore be concerned about the amount of data being used up by the Zoom calls.  Here’s a couple of options to help you reduce the impact:

  1. If it is really a significant issue, then rather than joining the zoom meetings by computer, tablet or smartphone, join them by phone as described above.
  2. If you’re still able to join the meetings by computer, tablet or smartphone, but want to reduce the amount of data flowing, you can turn off your video feed when you are in the zoom meeting, which is shown in the detailed instructions PDF above.  People won’t be able to see you, but assuming you entered your name when you joined the call, they will know who you are.

Hints and tips:

  • Muting: For some meetings, we will adopt a policy of muting all participants, apart from the key speakers and selectively un-muting people who want to raise questions or make significant points.  If you in addition to this mute the microphone on your device as well, then even if the Zoom host unmutes you on the zoom call, it will not be possible for you to be heard until you unmute the microphone on your device – Tip: To mute yourself, do it within Zoom itself, do not mute the mircophone on your device.  Instructions for doing it within Zoom are in the detailed instructions PDF above.

Information for meeting hosts:

To access our club Zoom account, go to: or the zoom app on your device.


Password: Serveb4self

Please note: Even though this is a paid account, it is still only possible to run one video conference at a time from it.  If you have a need to run other video calls in parallel, then you’re at liberty to arrange for your own free Zoom account, which comes with a 40 Minute duration limitation, which they’ll let you exceed the first few times!

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