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Become a volunteer

Winchester Rotary is a projects-driven club serving local and international communities. We are people of action who have fun whilst seeking to make a difference.

We always welcome new members but if you want to participate in one or more of our many projects (details on our website)  on a one off or occasional basis then become a Rotary Volunteer.  To register please complete the form accessible from the link below or contact …

If you are interested in volunteering to support a particular project, please contact …

Become a friend

The ‘Friends of Rotary’ are currently a group of former Rotarians and a number of local people who have assisted with recent projects. There is no cost or commitment involved, but ‘Friends’ will be invited to help out occasionally, or to attend a special interest social event.

A newsletter is circulated  twice a year about Winchester Rotary achievements, together with details of projects where help might be required

To become a ‘Friend of Rotary’ please contact

Become a member

Winchester Rotary is part of a global Rotary family of 1.4mn neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem- solvers who come together to tackle projects big and small, local and global all around the world. 

We are people of action who seek to make a difference to our local here community in Winchester and internationally.  

We enjoy collaboration with other Rotarians, Friends of Rotary, and volunteers for the common good.  A member makes a social commitment to the Club and other Rotarians as well as participating in projects/social events as as time allows. 

We enjoy what we do and make friends (some for life) along the way.  If you are interested in meeting us and joining our local Rotary family as a member, please contact

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